IMG_6249 IMG_6248 IMG_6246

Stills of Laura Spencer from the set of “Heartland”

IMG_4703  IMG_4704

1920’s still from the set of “Te Ata”


Still of Beth Grant from the set of “Heartland”

IMG_4538  IMG_4537

1890’s Still of Brigid Brannagh from the set of “Te Ata”

IMG_6074  IMG_4355

Still of Velinda Godfrey from the set of “Heartland”          Still of Karen Silla from “Stuff”



1920’s wig still of Gil Birmingham from the set of “Te Ata”


IMG_4904  IMG_4902

1890’s Still from the set of “Te Ata”



Still of Q’orianka Kilcher from “Te Ata”

IMG_4898  IMG_4897

1920’s still from the set of “Te Ata”


IMG_5606  IMG_5605

1930’s Cut, Color and Extensions Still from Music Video


IMG_5603 IMG_5602

1930’s Still from Music Video

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